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Farmart Ghana launches FarmartZero to help fight Foodwaste

Ghanaian agritech startup Farmart has today launched FarmartZero to help farmers fight foodwaste to contribute to achieving zero foodwaste and zero hunger through technology.

One third of global food produced never makes it further than the farm, largely because its appearance does not meet the standards of consumers who reject ugly or imperfect looking produce. However, a quarter of the food lost or wasted each day would be enough to feed the hungry people in the world to achieve zero hunger.

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Here Are The Local Names Of Your Favourite Ghanaian Spices

The magic touch behind most of the great tasting meals in Ghana are the amazing spices that are added to them. There are a lot spices and herbs in Ghana that when added to meals will make people want more of your meals. These spices doesn’t only add special flavors to your meals but also come with amazing health benefits. The local names of these spices are needed so you can know what to say when you’re buying them in a local market or buy online on farmart ghana.

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How To Prepare Savoury Rice

There are times when you want to try new recipes and this post will provide exactly that by giving you easy steps on how to prepare Savoury Rice. You may enjoy this with friends, family or alone at home.
Find below the steps on how to prepare Savoury Rice.


Two Cups of rice
2 Table spoons chopped spring onions
2 Table spoons chopped onions
2 Table spoons chopped carrots
5 Table spoons peas
5 Table spoons chopped bacon
A chunk of butter for frying.

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How To Prepare Beans Stew (Easy steps)

Beans are healthy and nutrient filled food known to contain high amounts of protein, fiber, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and copper.

Eating beans regularly may decrease the risk of diabetes, heart disease, colorectal cancer, and helps with weight management.

Find below steps on how to prepare beans stew easily;


1 Cup Beans
1 onion
Palm oil
Dried fish or salted fish
1 large tomatoes


1 Wash clean the beans and boil for about 30minutes or till tender.

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How To Prepare Shito in Ghana (Pepper Sauce) Easy Steps

This post seeks to teach you how to Prepare Shito. Shito is undoubtedly one of the popular sauces in Ghana especially for students. It’s also normally referred to as student’s companions in school because most students can go to school without them.
Find below the steps on how to prepare shito for school or at home.


15 large onions
1 cup dried Herrings(smoothly crushed)
1 cup dried herrings roughly crushed
1 cup dried powdered shrimp
15 large fresh pepper
3 table spoons dried pepper powder
4 table spoons of tomato puree/paste

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Farmart Ghana launches the farmer’s market App

Farmart Ghana, an online farmer’s market in Ghana linking farmers to households and businesses has today launched it’s Android mobile application FarmartApp to make it easier for customers to have access to fresh farm produce and groceries.

After a bit over two years of launching it’s website farmartghana.com, they have been working with over 1,000 farmers linking them to households and established businesses such as supermarkets, restaurants and food processors.

“Our mission is basically to help farmers have access to ready market,

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Ghanaian Banku and Tilapia with Fresh Tropical Fruits

Thinking it’s unsafe for your stomach to add fruits to your favourite Ghanaian banku and Tilapia meal? Well, this amazing recipe will change your mind and you will end up preparing it as often as the thought of eating Banku and Tilapia comes into mind.

Check below the steps on how to prepare your Ghanaian banku and Tilapia with Fresh tropical fruits.



  1. Season and grill your whole tilapia.
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Farmart founder makes the Forbes Africa 30 under 30 class of 2018

The FORBES AFRICA 30 under 30 list is the most talked about magazine in Africa currently which features 30 of the brightest, hungriest and most successful entrepreneurs under the age of 30. These are the cover stories in 10 years’ time, or maybe even sooner of the Forbes Billionaires magazine.

The class of 2018 features 90 successful entrepreneurs across three sectors which are business, technology and the creatives. This year featured 90 entrepreneurs instead of the previous 30 entrepreneurs.

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How to Prepare Groundnut Soup the Ghanaian Way

Groundnut soup is one of the popular soups in Ghana due to the fact that it can be served along side a lot of foods such as fufu, rice balls, banku, kokonte, yams, gari etc.
This post seeks to help you on how to prepare groundnut soup on that day where you can’t think about having any other soup aside groundnut soup.
Find below the following easy steps to prepare


400g Groundnut paste
Chicken/Meat (You may choose what you prefer and the quantity)
Smoked/fried fish (Choose the quantity you prefer)
1 Tin tomato
1 Tablespoon tomato puree
2 Large onion

NB: We decided to use meat but the steps really won’t change much if you chose Chicken or any other meat.

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Here Are The English Names Of these Popular Local foods in Ghana

There are a lot of local foods in Ghana that many people don’t know their English names or have a wrong name for it. We have shared below some popular Ghanaian local foods and their respective English names so you don’t have to struggle when you want to order some of them on Farmart, or when your little child walks up one day and questions you or you find yourself in that “What’s the English name of this”

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