Here Are The Local Names Of Your Favourite Ghanaian Spices

local spices in ghana
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The magic touch behind most of the great tasting meals in Ghana are the amazing spices that are added to them. There are a lot spices and herbs in Ghana that when added to meals will make people want more of your meals. These spices doesn’t only add special flavors to your meals but also come with amazing health benefits. The local names of these spices are needed so you can know what to say when you’re buying them in a local market or buy online on farmart ghana.
We have provided a list of some of the local names of your favourite Ghanaian spices and herbs.

  • Cloves – The twi names are Dadoa Amba or P3pr3 whiles the fante name is Mbr3go Amba .
  • Anise seed – The twi name is nkitinkiti and also locally known in Ga as Osu kon.
  • Basil – The twi name is Akuko besa.
  • Grains of Selim /Negro Pepper – The twi name is Hwentia and known as Soh in Ga.
  • Black Peppercorns / West African Black Pepper/Tailed Pepper – The twi name is Esoro Wisa and Wire Din in Ga.

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  • Chilli/ African Bird pepper – It’s known as Akweley Waabi in Ga and the twi name is Misewa.
  • Grains of Paradise /Alligator Pepper / Guinea Pepper – The twi name is Efom Wisa and the Ga name is Wire Tsuru
  • Calabash Nutmeg / African Nutmeg – It’s locally called Wedie Abain or Awerewa in Twi.
  • Turkey Berry – The twi name is Abeduru or Kwahu Nsosua.
  • African Locust Bean – The twi name is Dawadawa.

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