How To Prepare Savoury Rice

savoury rice
March 12, 2019 0 Comments

There are times when you want to try new recipes and this post will provide exactly that by giving you easy steps on how to prepare Savoury Rice. You may enjoy this with friends, family or alone at home.
Find below the steps on how to prepare Savoury Rice.


Two Cups of rice
2 Table spoons chopped spring onions
2 Table spoons chopped onions
2 Table spoons chopped carrots
5 Table spoons peas
5 Table spoons chopped bacon
A chunk of butter for frying.

1 Cut a chunk of butter into the saucepan on the hub
2 Fry the onion in the melted butter
3 Add the bacon and allow to cook through
4 Add the remaining vegetables for about 3-5 minutes
5 Add the rice and stir
6 Add warm water and taste for salt.
7 Cover to cook on low heat as in cooking normal rice.
8 Keep checking for the softness, add salted water if more water needed.
9 When ready, serve your prepare Savoury rice by itself or with shito, chicken, salad etc.

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